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ing sign inwincy    Louisville, Kentucky
I have a great sense of humor and enjoy doing just about anything with the right person. I have a positive outlook on life and am a sincere, honest, and considerate gentleman. Just ask my last 5 wives
agugadani    Fort Worth, Texas
I'm a born and bred country bumpkin, growing up in both Essex and Oxfordshire. I've just graduated from uni in Worcester, and now live in Edgbaston and work (/am being exploited) in city centre as a f
mcdonalds ennislilcasanova    Baldwinsville, New York
Hi ordinary guy looking for that lady to put a spring back in my step. Like my motor bikes, combined with my Charity work. Love my dogs. Like good food and going out for a nice meal or a quiet drink.
dating in san antonioTyler    Tracy, California
I'm really easy to talk to so feel free to message me. Don't be boring and don't be easily embarrassed. I can be a handful.

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